The Role of Preoperative 64 MDCT in the Evaluation of Tumor Stage for Advanced Gastric Carcinoma

Chang-jing WANG, Yan-zhuo SU, Chang LI, Li-bo SUN


To evaluate the accuracy of preoperative 64–detector row computer tomography (MDCT) enhanced scanner in tumor stage prediction for advanced gastric carcinoma, the data of 62 patients with advanced gastric cancer who underwent preoperative 64 MDCT were retrospectively analyzed. Pathological tumor stage was based on international TNM stage of Gastric Carcinoma Association. All MDCT results were compared with surgical and postoperative pathologic results. Results showed that the prediction accuracy of MDCT for T2, T3 and T4 stage evaluation is 42.8% (9/21), 80.7% (21/26) and 60.0% (9/15) respectively. The prediction sensitivity for N2 metastasis is 75%, sensitivity is 92%, and accuracy is 88.7%. It is concluded that preoperative 64 MDCT can provide relatively higher accuracy for detection of T3 and T4 layer invasion of gastric carcinoma, and help to predict the N2 lymph node metastasis for AGC.


64–detector row computer tomography, Tumor stage, Advanced gastric carcinoma.Text


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