Modelling and Simulation of Dynamics of Screw-Locking Robot

Song-jun LU, Yi-hao LI, Lu-min CHEN, Cai-dong WANG, Xin-jie WANG


In the application of screw-locking robot based on machine vision technology, the axis of the screw for connecting the workpiece is difficult to accurately coincide with the axis of the screw hole on the workpiece due to the inevitable robot positioning error, which brings some difficulties about screw-locking process and reduces screw-locking efficiency and quality. In this paper, the dynamic behavior of screw-locking robot system is studied by using multi-body system dynamics method. Through modelling and simulation of ADAMS dynamics, the influences of the positioning error of screw relative to screw hole on the system dynamic performance are analyzed comparatively. The influences of flexible screwdriver on the system dynamic performance are studied. The simulation results show that flexible screwdriver can improve the self-adaptability of the axis eccentricity when the screw is locked into the screw-hole. The results studied in this paper can provide reference for optimization design of mechanical and control system of screw-locking.


Screw-locking robot, Positioning error, Flexible screwdriver, Dynamic analysis.Text


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