A Case Study of Modeling Technique on Building a Smart Chinese International Learning Environment

Juan XU, Yan-lan SHI, Yong-bin ZHOU


Learning analytics technique is very important to support Smart Learning. This paper applied the concept of Smart Learning based on learning analytics technology. We designed and realized an adaptive learning system for Chinese language learners. This Chinese grammar selfadaptive- adjusting learning system worked by constructing a user data set that recorded the learner’s learning behavior and progress, then used the data to collect on an adaptive mechanism to provide learners with advice, suitable exercises, and related questions based on the user model. This system also presented detailed information about the learner's progress to the user in a visual way. Ultimately, by making design and implementation of Smart Learning environments, the system can create a user-friendly interface for the International Chinese learning system.


Smart Chinese International Learning, Grammar adaptive learning system, Learning analytics technology, Modeling technique.Text


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