6DOF Missile Trajectory Simulation Using Reusable Frame and Models

Jing ZHAO, Hua-bing WANG, Shen-shen WANG, Huan-yao DAI


A reusable frame and appropriate models are designed for six degree of freedom (6DOF) missile trajectory simulation. The importance of establishing trajectory simulation model in missile design and experiment is described at first. Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC) loop as the core component in missile is discussed with emphasis on performance limitations. Design Patterns (DP) in software engineering are utilized to accomplish module partition. Reusable design is conducted in a two-step process: frame design and models design. This method can improve design productivity and shorten design circle as its reusable frame and relevant models can applied to many kinds of missiles without major revisions. An air defense scenario is designed to validate the proposed model frame. The 6DOF trajectory simulation results are obtained. Results show that the method offers an effective and practical way to design parameters and evaluate performance of missile.


6DOF, Trajectory simulation, Reusable design, Model frame, Design patterns.Text


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