The Minimum Steiner Tree Problem Based on Genetic Algorithm

Zhi-hao CHEN, Wei-gen HOU, Yun DONG


Genetic Algorithm is a method of searching the optimal solution by using computer to simulate Darwin's biological evolution theory based on natural selection and genetic principles of biological evolution process. This paper aims to solve the problem of the minimum Steiner tree by using genetic algorithm. First, it introduced the concept of genetic algorithm, minimum spanning tree and minimum Steiner tree briefly. Then, it described the application of genetic algorithm in the problem of minimum Steiner tree in detail and gave one method. Finally, this paper has attained the whole approximate root through solving one emulated experimentation emulated about communication network. The solution given in this paper is also applicable to other problems. Its versatility is better. Because of the narrowing of the search range, the search speed is faster and the number of iterations is less.


Genetic algorithm, Minimum spanning tree, Minimum Steiner tree, Communication network


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