A Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Emulator: Energy Management and Experimental Analysis

Tian ZENG, Chang-jun XIE, Di SHEN, Piotr Bujlo


In this paper, a fuel cell hybrid vehicle powertrain emulator is proposed as a feasible test bench for validating energy management strategies. Firstly, the configuration and structure of the emulator is briefly presented, and a fuel cell and lithium-ion battery hybrid vehicle model based on the data obtained from a real fuel cell-battery hybrid light electric vehicle is used for testing the stability of the emulator. The comparative experiment demonstrates a power simulation error of 3.848%. Secondly, a fuzzy logic algorithm-based energy management strategy was implemented on the emulator with an objective of optimizing the energy distribution between the fuel cell stack and battery pack via the corresponding rules and membership functions. Finally, an experiment test embedded the energy management strategy on the emulator is carried out during the urban dynamometer driving schedule (UDDS) cycle. And the results indicate that the fuel cell stack works primarily in low-load and constant driving conditions. Meanwhile, the battery pack supplies the dynamic instantaneous power to meet the power requirements during high-load conditions. It is fully consistent with the proposed energy management strategy. That is, the proposed emulator is a reliable platform for further energy management research.


Fuel cell hybrid vehicle, Powertrain emulator, Energy management strategy, Urban dynamometer driving schedule


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