The Development of Winding Machine Capable of Winding Special-shaped Coil Used for Electromagnetic Levitation Knitting

Xiu-sheng XU, Xiao-guang WU, Chi ZHANG, Bo YUAN, Xian-ze CUI


A miniature winding machine was designed and made for winding special-shaped coil used for driving knitting needle used in the test prototype of electromagnetic levitation circular knitting machine. The machine adopts USB1020-Altai independent four axis motion control card and 42 stepper motor as its hardware drive system, and at the same time, through the Qt Creator interface program based on Windows platform as its control system. The using shows that the winding machine has the advantages of accurate wiring, high winding quality and wide application range. The main technical indexes, structure, working principle and control system of winding machine are introduced.


Winding machine, Special-shaped coil, Motion control card, Interface program based on Windows platform


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