A Client Proximity Based Load Balance Algorithm in Web Sever Cluster

Pei-rui JIANG, Li-min MENG, Yu-zhou SHANG, Yang-tian-xiu HU


Nowadays, the traffic to the popular site has increased dramatically. Some websites usually have different servers geographically distributed inconsistently can provide same service and these servers make up a web server cluster. In order to guarantee the QoE of clients, load balance scheme is necessary during the servers of the web server cluster. In this paper a novel load balancing algorithm which considers the proximity between client and server is proposed. We compare the Client Proximity Based Load Balancing algorithm (PBLB) with the Round Robin (RR) scheme and the Modified Random Allocation (MRA) scheme. Through the simulation results, we can see the PBLB algorithm has a better performance.


Web server cluster, Client proximity based load balance algorithm, Round robin scheme, Modified random allocation scheme


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