The Minimum Relative Delay First Strategy for Multipath Transmission

Huan WANG, Shuai GAO, Fei SONG


The Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) [1] is a transport protocol which was proposed and standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The Concurrent Multipath Transfer (CMT) that was evolved based on SCTP’s multi-homing feature had become a hot research issue. CMT utilizes all available paths inside the SCTP association to further improve end to end throughput and fault tolerance capacity during the data transmission. Since the typical scheduling algorithms define how to schedule multi-streaming and multi-homing fixedly, the CMT cannot meet the speific requirements of different applications which limits the felxibility of the transmission protocol. Firstly, this paper introduced four kinds of scheduling algorithms, then a Minimum Ralative Delay First (MRDF) strategy was proposed to compare the relative one way delay of different paths without clock synchronisation. The NS2 simulation platform operated in Linux virtual machine is adopted to compare the system performance.


SCTP-CMT, Relative delay, Transmission path, Throughput


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