The Multicast Function Design Based on Cortina System CS8022

Guang-jun CHEN


In this paper, the Ethernet multicast management protocol agent (IGMP Proxy) processing unit is designed, which is composed of ARMCPU and CS8022 chips. The packets through the up-link or the down-link are firstly received by CS8022 network node interfaces or service node interfaces, then through the CS8022 port analysis, the IGMP message would be sent to the IGMP Proxy Program of ARMCPU to handle. The IGMP Proxy program is composed of the main module, the host module and the routing module. After the processing of the main module, the host module and the routing module, the amount of the IGMP message between the multicast router and the user computer can be greatly reduced, and speed up the response speed of the multicast router query message; When the multicast stream reaches the multicast router, the time for receiving the multicast stream from the user computer is shortened and the network bandwidth is saved.


CS8022 chip, IGMP Proxy processing unit, IGMP packets


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