A MAC Protocol Based on RS-Polar Coding for Airborne Tactical Networks

Wei ZHAO, Bo ZHENG, Heng-yang ZHANG, Wei-lun LIU


For the features of high speed moving, sparse distribution, diversity of data service, etc., and high reliability and low latency of QoS demand when transmitting time-sensitive information in airborne tactical networks, we present a random access multi-channel medium access control protocol based on RS-Polar coding technology. In the protocol, by adopting error correcting coding technology of RS-Polar cascaded, the multi-packet reception technology, it can ensure the real-time and reliability of packet transmission without the use of channel reservation and time-slot allocation, and improve the network throughput effectively. By establishing the channel collision model and the multi packet reception model in the bursts propagation stage, the mathematical expressions of packet success probability, packet end-to-end delay and network throughput are derived. The simulation results show that packet end-to-end delay of the protocol is less than 2ms, and when the load is less than 2000 packet/s, the packet success probability is higher than 99%, so the protocol can meet the performance requirements of the airborne tactical network effectively.


Airborne tactical networks, Medium Access Control protocol, RS-Polar coding, Low delay, High reliability


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