The Measurement and Analysis of Bluetooth Signal RF

Lu GUO, Jing SONG, Si-qi REN, He HUANG


Aiming at the traditional Bluetooth signal test method exists the problem which can’t capture the characteristics of the signal frequency with time, a system to test the RF power of Bluetooth signal based on the frequency hopping characteristic of Bluetooth signal is proposed. Test system based on Bluetooth signals in single and multiple common abrupt pulse power measurement, a comprehensive study of the transmission power and test method, this paper analyzes the ACPR, ACLR, CCDF several parameters, such as performance indexes and its impacts on the Bluetooth signal power. The results in the paper will provide theoretical basis for the systematization and automation of Bluetooth RF power control, which has a great significance to maintain the quality of communication links, reduces the overall interference of the system and improves the overall performance.


Measurement, Analysis, Bluetooth, Power control, Communication


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