A Design of Intelligent Routing Inspection Underwater Robot Facing Marine Oil and Gas Pipelines

Pengxiang Li, Yuhan Dai, Hui Li


Submarine pipelines always work in the condition of complex marine environments. They are easily to be damaged, fractured and broken during a long time. We designed and intelligent equipment, which is a Remote operated vehicle(ROV). It is equipped with special underwater bow propellers and vertical thrusters. This robot is combined with optical, acoustic, electric and magnetic sensors, and also equipped with multi-angle automatic rotary High density(HD) camera, so as to ensure the reliable real-time data acquisition. Underwater communication is accomplished by long distance cable cord to achieve local Local area networks(LAN),and this underwater robot completes the tasks of data interaction, real-time data transmission through the Personal computer(PC) monitoring collection under the water. Images can be sent back to the remote client storage for graphical display. It is supposed to make real-time detection of the damages and leakages outside the pipelines, and help to take effective measures to prolong the service life of pipeline, reduce the production cost of oil and gas.


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