3-D Thermal Field Analysis of 10kV High Voltage Switchgear

Jinpeng Chen, Zhaowei Peng, Xiaorui Wang, Xudong Ouyang, Huihua Deng


A numerical simulation method for 3-D thermal field analysis of 10kV High Voltage Switchgear based on equivalent thermal conductivity is proposed. The equivalent 3-D simulation model of the 10kV High Voltage Switchgear is established by studying the convective heat dissipation of the airflow field during the forced air cooling of the switchgear. The air block is divided and the equivalent thermal conductivity is set up according to the stable working state of 10kV High Voltage Switchgear to complete the modeling process. Compared with the traditional heat flow coupling analysis method, the calculation speed and the convergence is good and the simulation result is accurate enough.


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