A Cardholder Identification System Based on Face and Double-sided ID Information

Chuanbo Qin, Yao Chen, Junying Zeng, Wulin Feng


In this paper, a cardholder identification system based on identity card (ID) and camera video was proposed. Firstly, we realize the double-sided image acquisition of ID card using Acorn RISC Machine(ARM) and Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) with two Contact Image Sensor (CIS) and read the face image from the ID's built-in chip through radio frequency technology, and simultaneously capture the cardholder's face from USB camera video. Then a matching algorithm was used to compare the three faces: the segmented face image from ID double-sided image, the face image stored in built-in ID chip and the cardholder's face image captured from the camera video. Finally, based on the matching results, we can identify the authenticity of the ID and judge whether the cardholder is holding his own ID. Another advantage of our system is that we can print the collected double-sided ID images rapidly without manual flip and alignment. Many functions are combined into this system.


ID; CIS; Image Acquisition; Face Matching; Face Recognition


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