A Calibration Method of Cylindrical Sensor of Radial Force Based on Axial Flow Fan

Hang LIU, Xin-sheng CHE, Yun SUN


A device of calibration using eccentric axial flow fan was designed to calibrate the sensor of radial force. In this paper, centrifugal force generated by eccentricity of rotor of axial flow fan is used to simulate the excitation of the sensor. The internal system of detection and recording is used for data recovery and processing to obtain response and characteristics. After the test of cylindrical sensor with a range of 0-200N, the radial force is linearly related to the output value of ADC. By using the least square method, the outgoing degree is 2.25%, and the sensitivity is 53.3LSB/N. The method verifies the accuracy of the method, and the sensitivity of the maximum deviation is not greater than 1.0LSB/N using the standard force loading at 0°, 60°, 120°, 180°, 240° and 300°. This method provides an effective means for the analysis, design, improvement and manufacture of cylindrical sensors of radial force.


Radial force, Cylindrical sensor, Multiple angle, Sensitivity, Excitation


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