A Learning and Management System on Account of Software and Hardware

Chun-ying TANG, Fu-rui YANG, Zi-qian GUO, Yu-jie DONG, Hong-wei ZHAO


This topic is intended to describe and study a system, which is taking Jilin University as an example, based on the system feasibility and necessity of campus applications, this paper analyzes and investigates the problems existing in the process of functional design, application and development. So we propose a new system to satisfy the needs of students and teachers: including a learning-oriented multi-function mobile application, mainly about using Android Studio to build application interface, combined with Myeclipse, tomcat and MySQL database. The system equip with positioning, camera and other hardware plus web pages on the windows platform as an auxiliary system. After about 400 teachers and students using over 2 months, because of its good user experience and characteristics of learning, we gain lots of praise, now we are planning to promote it gradually.


Application, Hardware, Intelligent study


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