Characteristics Analysis of Land Use Spatial Distribution on Terrain Gradient in Henan Province

Kai-guang ZHANG, Ming-ting BA, Hong-ling MENG, Yan-min SUN


Terrain is the most basic natural geographical elements, restricting the redistribution of surface material and energy, affecting the soil and vegetation formation and development process. Land use structure is the inevitable result of the interaction between nature and mankind. Based on the digital elevation model and land use classification grid data, the paper utilizes geostatistical analysis method to quantitatively analyze the spatial distribution characteristics of terrain gradient, and the spatial relations between land use structure and terrain gradient in Henan province. The results show that: In Henan province, the terrain gradient is dominated by low value, with the increase of terrain gradient, the area of unit gradient decreases gradually; With the increase of the longitude, the terrain gradient decreases gradually, showing the spatial pattern of the west high east low, the variety on the same latitude belt is significantly larger than that on the corresponding longitude belt. Farmland, water area, construction land and unused land are mainly distributed in the low gradient regions, and the grassland distributes in the middle gradient regions, and the gradient of forest land distribution is relatively high. The total area of construction land is increasing over time, occupying lots of farmland and forest land, the growth rate in middle low gradient region is higher than that in the low gradient region, and there is a trend of expanding to higher gradient region at the same time. The total area of farmland is decreasing over time, it tries to expand to higher gradient region to make up for the lost area, the area of middle gradient in its advantage region decreases mostly. In order to make up for the occupied area, the forest grassland is expanding toward higher gradient region. The area of water land has been increasing continuously, but the area of agricultural water in low gradient region is decreasing, and the advantage position is reducing.


Land use spatial distribution, Terrain gradient, Land use gradient distribution index, Geostatistical analysis, Henna province


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