A Descriptive Literature Review about Cloud Computing Security Research in the IS Discipline

Zhenwei Yu, Zhiying Wang, Nianxin Wang, Xiang Su, Shilun Ge


Security issues are one of the biggest obstacles to widespread adoption of cloud computing. We conducted a descriptive literature review on cloud computing security research that was published between 2006 to February 2017. A total of 74 papers were selected from 13 top IS journals, 2 top electronic commerce journals, 5 top management journals, 9 CNAIS (China Association for Information Systems) Level A journals, 2 premiers IS conference proceedings and Computers & Security for our analysis. We analyzed the articles based on year of publication, publication outlets, keywords, research perspectives, and data sources. For this, basic statistics analysis and visualization analysis were adopted. The results show that although current research provides useful information on cloud computing security and facilitates the accumulation of cloud computing security knowledge, there are still some deficiencies.


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