The Research of Micro-Blog User Preferences based on Classification Technology



With the growing popularity of micro-blog, micro-blog website has become the issue of mass information, research on micro-blog needs from a single user analysis of the relationship between the transition to micro-blog users and forwarding the contents of mining, this paper presents a new method for mining micro-blog user interest, will be excavated the user's interest, how to excavate user's interest preference from massive information. For example, how can we speculate that users are interested in electronic products or food is interested? At the same time, it is necessary to recommend information. To identify the user's interest, through the user's micro-blog, study the techniques for mining user based on the classification method. For example you can use the user belongs to the circle of interest of interested people recommend, or according to the characteristics of the circle group analysis of the user's personal interests, the social networking platform, how massive data automatically in mining circle is a very useful basis function.


User interest, data; micro-blog, personalization


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