The Development and Innovation of the Implicit Ideological and Political Education Carrier of Universities in the “Micro-era”

Xiao Xu Chen, Chun Yang


The rapid development of Internet and mobile terminal technology, the "micro" symbolic media represented by MicroBlog and WeChat in social life widely used, signifies that Chinese society has entered the new "micro-era". Under the background of "micro-era", this paper analyzes the new form of the implicit ideological and political education carrier in universities, and then puts forward the development and innovation strategy of the implicit ideological and political education carrier in universities. The 38th "China Internet Development Statistics Report" released by China Internet Network Information Center in Beijing showed that the scale of Internet users in China reached 710 million, and the Internet penetration rate reached 51.7% as of June 2016. [1] In the rapid development of the Internet environment, "Micro" things represented by MicroBlog, WeChat, micro-film, and micro-public welfare mushroomed into our lives. The way of information dissemination and access has undergone fundamental changes, and people's way of life has also undergone tremendous changes. In order to conform to the trend of "micro-era", ideological and political educators should continue to develop and innovate the carrier of implicit ideological and political education and improve the scientific and practical effect of implicit ideological and political education.


Micro-era; Implicit Ideological and Political Education; Carrier; Innovation


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