A Design of Underground Communication Network

Ao SHEN, Shu-dao ZHOU, Min WANG, Yan-fei LIANG, Wen-tao WU


In order to meet the communication needs of underground space, it is necessary to build an underground communication network. Taking the data of a region as an example, considering the construction cost, the communication expense, equipment and lines carrying capacity and the characteristics of underground communication, the model of the problem was analyzed. By using the iterative judgment of position and quantity of information flow, k-means clustering algorithm, genetic algorithm and other methods, we established LANs and high-level nodes, as well as the trunk line and the branch line. The process of designing the underground network took into account many factors. And the final results meet the actual requirements and the common sense. It provides a reference for similar problems in the future.


Underground, Communication network, Clustering, Genetic algorithm, Optimization


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