A Cost-effective Approach for Ubiquitous Broadband Access Based on Hybrid PLC-VLC System

De-dong SUN, Tao-rong GONG, Tao LI, Jian SONG, Zhen LIU


In order to promote VLC become an appealing indoor wireless broadband access, VLC needs a ubiquitous network as its backbone to avoid becoming an information isolated island. Therefore, a novel and cost- effective framework of ubiquitous indoor broadband access based on deeply integrated VLC and PLC technology is proposed. The broadband access network supports two-way transmission through each LED using the decode-and-forward (DF) working mode. It is implemented at low cost by revising existing power facilities. Furthermore the duplex voice communication network prototype is built based on hybrid PLC-VLC structures in the laboratory. The experimental test results show that the system can support two-way broadband communication services, including voice, video and high speed data transmission up to 5Mbps in the case of the photodiode (PD) as a receiver. It can meet the high requirements of QoS (Quality of Service). The way provides an important means to solve the "last mile" communication, the increasing scarce spectrum resources and the growing demand for high speed communication.


Visible light communication (VLC), Power line communication (PLC), Indoor broadband access, Decode-and- forward (DF)


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