3D Dose Reconstruction Based on the EPID

Wang-lin KE, Jun-hai WEN, Xiu-qing LI, Jun ZHANG, Lu-lu XIE


The increasing complexity of modern radiation therapy techniques has increased the need for validation of the actual dose of radiation received by patients, including plan validation before treatment and in vivo dose validation. EPID has the potential for in vivo three-dimensional dose validation, EPID can not only validate the accuracy of tumor target dose, but also assess the harm extent of the dose to the surrounding organ. This paper summarizes some research progress in our study: 3D dose reconstruction based on the EPID. In the simulations, the source intensity was derived from the EPID data, which was very close with original source intensity. Finally the 3D dose distribution was calculated by DOSXYZnrc.


3D dose reconstruction, Dose guided radiotherapy, EPID


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