The Research of Yunnan Naxi National Dongba Traditional Papermaking’s Virtual Digital Protection

Xi-tong DUAN, Wu XU, Yi-long REN, Lei WU, Jin HE, Ping WU


This paper introduces the present situation of Dongba paper-making, aiming at the Dongba papermaking technology spreads in the form of single inheritance, and inherited by very few people, and puts forward a method of using virtual reality technology for digital protection of Dongba papermaking. First of all, this paper uses 3DMAX to make three-dimensional modeling of papermaking tools, meanwhile, uses the method of motion capture to record the inheritance of human’s action. Secondly, using the wearable devices is to recognize the posture of hands to realize the human-computer interaction. This method overcomes the defects of the former intangible cultural heritage which is low reproduction degree, poor openness, restricted in communication. It can break the limit of time and space and reappear the paper-making technology actually and comprehensively. It can provide a broader space for the protection, spreading and the inheritation of intangible cultural heritage.


VR, Dongba Paper-making, Digital protection, Human-computer interaction


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