2D-DOA Estimation for Coprime L-shaped Arrays with MUSIC Algorithm

Dong-lin YANG, Wei-tao LIU, Qian-lin CHENG, Zhong-xi XIA, Xiao-fei ZHANG


In this paper, a two-dimensional direction of arrival (2D-DOA) estimation algorithm for coprime L-shaped arrays with multiple signal classification (MUSIC) was proposed. The coprime Lshaped arrays consists of two uniform L-shaped subarrays with the minimum inter-element spacing larger than the half-wavelength of signal, which helps increase the degree of freedom and enhance the resolution of the array, but meanwhile causes phase ambiguity. In the proposed algorithm, we exploited the coprime property between the two single subarrays to eliminate ambiguity. And, MUSIC is one of the most classical and traditional algorithm, which has a great estimation performance and accuracy. Comparing to the typical one with the same total number of sensor elements, the proposed algorithm for coprime arrays obtain a better performance and a lower complexity. And the simulation results on MATLAB verify the algorithm’s effectiveness and advantages.


2D-direction of arrival (DOA) estimation, Coprime L-shaped array, Phase ambiguity, Multiple signal classification


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