The Research of Insulator Resistance Live Detection System Based on Robot

Jinpeng Tan, Fangyu Gao, Dongfeng Qiu, Xueneng Huang, Guangbin Xu, Xianning Li, Chongjie Ma, Hongpu Miao, Su Fang


With the rapid development of power grid construction, The Power grid is becoming more and more expansion; the reliability of the equipment operation is the important precondition for the safe and stable operation of power grid. The insulator is an important component of the primary equipment of the power grid. So it is important to research high efficient, accurate equipment to detector the insulativity of insulator.

This paper is based on current problems of insulator detection, An online insulator detection device based on intelligent robot is studied. By installing the equipment onto the robot, the robot will be able to detect online. There is no need for artificially high screening tests to reduce the worker’s strength. The DC ultrahigh- voltage transmission line is the latest transmission. The research on these insulators is scant. Through the experiment, device for detecting the insulator resistance was developed. Through experiment, proved the feasibility of this approach.


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