The Research and Design of the Service Platform on Comprehensively Processing Finance-oriented Mass Network Data

Guizhen Yang


The service platform on comprehensively treating online finance-oriented mass data supports flexibly to form data warehouse, data fair, data files to process, transform the huge data, and realize atomization and parameterization of batch jobs, and simplify operation, control flow, and provide the program interface which is flexible and customized, and the platform has a good extensibility. The service platform is based on SOA, and has the structure of cloud computing, includes many techniques on ETL and the tools of ETL, and has features of being united, high effective, and extendable. This research breaks the monopoly situation of foreign manufacturers, and promotes the enterprises which have the traditional advantages to go on the information-oriented road, and accomplishes fully “resource sharing, low investment, low costs, low emission and high efficiency”, which deserves to be developed and promoted.


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