Inter-Blockchain Communication

Zhi-dong CHEN, Zhuo YU, Zhang-bo DUAN, Kai HU


With the rapid development of Blockchain technology, researchers have devoted much to it, and many exciting achievements have been made in industry. However, it doesn’t work well with the massive transactions, leading to islands of redundant and inconsistent information arising. Therefore, a mechanism on how to make different Blockchain systems communicate with each other better, and the Inter-Blockchain communication (IBC) will be proposed in this paper. In IBC, the nodes between the Blockchain systems use the efficient routing algorithm to update the routing path dynamically. It will analysis the transaction and pack the transaction into a specific form to adapt to the destination Blockchain system. In this way, IBC can make different Blockchain system communicate without any intermediaries. The experiment results show that the use of IBC does not have much impact on throughput of Blockchain system.


Blockchain, Inter-blockchain communication, Routing


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