A Flexible Data Structure for Heterogeneous Information Integration

Xin-Yang WANG, De-Yu QI, Wei-Wei LIN, Na-Qin ZHOU


A uniform mechanism to express and operate various data is essential for the development of big data and internet of things, and the common data model provides fundamental supports for the integration of heterogeneous data. By comparing with the advantages and disadvantages of several primary common data models, this paper proposes a new common data model called GriDoc Data Model (GDM). Through the introduction of concepts, such as Paragraph, Section, GriData and GriDoc, the model establishes a flexible mechanism to express different kinds of heterogeneous data. On the basis of the GDM model concept, this paper defines the basic algebraic operations and presents the process of integrating and querying GDM object data.


Common data model, Data integration, GDM algebraic operation, GriData


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