The Design of Vehicle Security System Based on Mobile Network

Bao-liang YANG


With the increasing living standards of the people, the car is an important means of transport of human beings into the ordinary people's homes, but the car to bring people to travel convenience, but also to the owners of the risk of car theft, resulting in owners suffering a huge economy loss. This paper uses a low-cost processor IAP15F2K61S2 designed a mobile phone based on low-cost smart car security system. The system has all-weather satellite positioning, electronic map tracking, vehicle real-time external monitoring alarm function and so on, at the same time the system is obvious advantages with excellent performance, such as the camera features, cost-effective, and so on, they have applied value and prospects. Operation test shows that the system structure is simple, stable and reliable, with a certain marketing value.


Mobile network, IAP15F2K61S2, Satellite positioning, Electronic map tracking.


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