A Comparative Analysis of the Operating Performance of Business Incubators Based on the Comparative Analysis of the Incubator in Jinzhou New District of Dalian

Li ZUO, Yun-he LI, Shu-juan ZHENG


Business incubators are playing an increasingly prominent role in the regional economy. They foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, facilitate the regional innovation and entrepreneur activities going smoothly, improve the success rate of the innovation business matters and promote the progress and development of the regional economy and society. With objective data and deep research to do the comparative study of regional incubator performance, we can discover the advantages and disadvantages of the incubators, and then put forward some suggestions which are beneficial to improve the operating efficiency of the incubators. This paper, taking Dalian Jinzhou District 6 business incubators as a case, do a comparative study and find the strengths and weaknesses of each incubator, and make recommendations to the incubator which can promote the better development of incubators in the end.


Business incubator, Operational performance, Comparative analysis


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