A Bi-level Model to Optimize the Tolling Level and Period on a Bottleneck Road with Multi-class Users

Hua-ling REN, Rong-hui ZHAO, Dong WANG


This paper analyzes the multi-user step-tolling problem on a bottleneck road, and optimizes the tolling level and tolling period using a bi-level model. Firstly, based on the Greenshields model, the multi-user travel behaviors are simulated and the flow propagation process is obtained on the bottleneck road. The queuing length and the speed of the moving part can be calculated at the stable state. Based on these, a bi-level programming model is established to optimize the tolling level and tolling period. The bi-level model is solved using an improved genetic algorithm (GA). Finally, a simple example is given to illustrate the application of the model and its algorithm.


Bi-level programming, Step-tolling; Multi-user; Bottleneck model.


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