The Modeling and Analysis for the Large-Scale Modular Energy Storage Systems Based on Complex Network

Ji-zhong CHEN, Guo-liang WU, Ai-kui LI, Juan HU, Kun-yang WANG, Na LIU, Xu-shen YAN


The large-scale modular energy storage systems (MESS) technology is one of the key technologies in relieving power contradictions and achieving the sustainable energy development. An accurate simulation model, which can capture the complicated and dynamic configuration characteristic of MESS, is very crucial for analyzing the performance of MESS with the architecture properties. In this paper, we have explored bipartite network method in complex networks to construct a network-architecture model of MESS. The coupling relationship between the electrical characteristics (voltage, current and power) and network characteristics (the network diameter, the degree of output terminals) was established. The structure coupling coefficient are presented to analysis the evolution and extension of MESS. Accordingly, the network-architecture model of MESS provides effective simulation analysis method for the plan and optimization of MESS.


Complex networks, Energy storage systems, Network-architecture model.


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