Investigation and Analysis on the Current Situation of New Rural Cooperative Medical Care in Hebi City

Zhi-Fen FENG, Rui-Ling LI, Xian-Pu QIN


Objective: summed up the implementation of successful practices and its major achievements in the New Rural Cooperative Medical Care through research and analysis in Hebi six counties (districts). For other regions to continue to improve and further promote NRCMC to provide some reference and sustainable development. Method: combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, including literature, questionnaires, interviews and so on. Results: the NRCMC fund in Hebi has been raised and the expenditure has increased year by year through several years of development. Farmers participate in the NRCMC continues to improve, the rate showed a rapid upward trend, increasing the intensity of compensation, farmers benefit increased. Conclusion: the NRCMC system and institutional framework has been basically formed, combined with the actual optimization of compensation programs to reduce the precipitation fund, increase system security efforts to improve the status of primary health care institutions to accelerate the comprehensive development of health in Hebi.


NRCMC, Investigation, Participation Farmers, Fund


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