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The Effect of Molding Condition on Properties of Pultruded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

P. Wongsriraksa, A. Nakai


Pultrusion is the one of technologies to fabricate the high performance polymer composites. In order to produce high quality pultruded profiles, there are variables such as fiber impregnation, resin viscosity, pulling speed and molding temperature that have to be considered and molding temperature one of variable is discussed in this research. The effect of molding temperature at zone number eight (exit die) on the mechanical properties and degree of polymerization of the composites were evaluated. The result of this study, the molding temperature zone number eight (exit die) for pultrusion process is 200ºC is the optimum condition for this study. It could be improve the mechanical properties and degree of polymerization of composites.


Pultrusion, Molding condition, Carbon fiber, CompositesText

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