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Development of Commingled Yarn for Textile Thermoplastic Composites

T. Motochika, M. Takagi


Recently, continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite (FRTP) is paid attention. However, using continuous fiber and thermoplastic resin makes the impregnation difficult because of the high melt viscosity. According to this reason, intermediate material is important for molding FRTP, so commingled yarn set resin fiber nearby reinforcement fiber was developed by our team. We have improved commingled yarn, we developed “pre-impregnated commingled yarn (PCY)”. PCY is the new intermediate material which resin fiber of commingled yarn was already melted but a portion of matrix was impregnated. If all matrix was impregnated, it would become impregnated tape and it would too hard to use for textile but PCY whose a portion of matrix was impregnated easily to use for textile compare to impregnated tape. The purpose of this research is to investigate the impregnation property, textile workability and mechanical property of composite made from commingled yarn and PCY. Finnaly, we established the producing method of the intermediate material, “PCY”, which has both high impregnation property and textile workability


CFRTP, Textile composite, Intermediate material, Commingled yarn.Text

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