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Research of Aramid/CF Hybrid Composite Material

M. Matsushita, M. Kitamura, S. Nojima, Y. Komaki, H. Hamada


It is desirable to reduce the weight of automotive materials by replacing metals with composite materials, because it is effective in reducing CO2 emissions, improving fuel efficiency, and extending the cruising distance. Therefore, research on carbon fiber composites has been actively carried out recently. In this research, the practical running tests on rally car are carried out for the material adaptation to mass production vehicles. Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic have been applied to floor guard, and the test run have been carried out. The problem is impact resistance. In this study, hybrid composites of aramid knit and carbon fiber fabric were fabricated to improve impact resistance, and impact resistance was investigated by drop impact test. As a surface layer of carbon fiber nonwoven fabric, impact resistance was compared between when carbon fiber woven fabric was distributed and when aramid knit was distributed. Experimental results suggest that when aramid is applied to the surface layer, both the maximum load and the absorption energy are improved. It was also suggested that the use of both aramid knit and carbon fiber cloth significantly improved the absorption energy due to the shift in the timing of breakage.


Aramid knit, Carbon fiber nonwoven fabric, Hybrid structureText

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