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Evaluation of Damage Development and Damping Characteristics for Woven Composites Under Tensile Loading

S. Kurata, K. Mukoyama, T. Kurashiki, Y. Nakanishi, X. Li, K. Hanaki, K. Kusudo, T. Katayama


In this paper, mechanical characteristics of stiffness, damage development and damping property for woven composites of carbon-fiber/epoxy, aramid-fiber/epoxy, polyarylate-fiber/epoxy had been investigated. Three fiber-types of specimens were prepared for the tensile test, and the In-situ observation of damage mode at cross section of the specimens was carried out with CCD microscope under 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% loading of the tensile strength. And, the damping ratio of each specimen along with the tensile loading was also estimated. As the results of In-situ observation of damage development, the delamination was observed under 40% and 60% loading in polyarylate FRP and aramid FRP, respectively. The damping ratio in case of polyarylate FRP had decreased 7.6%, however, the damping ratio was much higher than that of aramid FRP. In case of CFRP, the damping ratio was much lower than those of aramid FRP and polyarylate FRP. The phenomena were caused by effects of mechanical properties of fibers and the damage development.


Woven composites, Damping property, Damage development, Polyarylate fiberText

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