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Modelling of Compression Moulding Process Cycle Time for Carbon Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Flat Panels

M. El Wazziki, A. D. Ngo


In the process of developing new manufacturing technology to make aircraft parts, a cost model has been proposed to predict the manufacturing costs of two compression moulding processes for carbon fibre thermoplastic composites. This model was based on industrial and academic research data [1]. Later on, DFMA concept was used by the same authors to estimate the tooling costs for these two processes [2]. This study aimed at the prediction of the cycle time of a compression moulded carbon/PEEK composite flat panel made of short fibre randomly oriented prepreg strands. The compression moulding cycle time included the heating and cooling times of the part. Commercially software COMSOL was used to calculate the cycle time of flat panels of different sizes. The obtained results were validated by experimental data realised in a scientific research laboratory. Keeping the same cycle time, the flat panels moulding process energy can be predicted for other similar geometries in function of either area or thickness of the mould and the flat panel.

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