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Current Challenges Toward Accurate Forming Simulation of Woven Fabric Composite Reinforcements: Roadmap for a Probabilistic-Based Design

M. Komeili, A. S. Milani


Forming process of engineering materials is often simulated using numerical/computer tools such as Finite Element methods. Although this type of simulation has a long history in the metal forming and polymer industries, it is not as widely established when it comes to high performance composites. This is due to the fact that the mechanical behaviour of most composites is different from monolithic materials and extended research on their physical and mechanical behaviours is still under development. Moreover, among different types of composites, textile composites because of their multi-scale nature and fibrous architecture have more sources of embedded uncertainties. In this article, selected sources of uncertainties in the woven fabric type of textile reinforcements, their manufacturing and simulation process are discussed. In addition, applications of statistical techniques for their characterization as well as sensitivity analysis on the effect of uncertainties on their overall behavior are addressed. Subsequently, a combination of finite element simulation and statistical data analysis is suggested to estimate, and eventually to control, the performance variability in the formed part based on uncertainties observed in the raw material, process, and simulation itself.

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