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Compressive Properties of a Si-Ti-C-O Fiber-Bonded Ceramic Material

Makoto Yamane, Koichi Goda, Junji Noda, Michiyuki Suzuki, Kenji Matsunaga


Si-Ti-C-O fiber-bonded ceramics (Tyrannohex®) is a high toughness and heat-resitance material showing approximately 30 times as much fracture energy as a sintered silicon nitride due to existence of a boundary carbon phase. However, Tyrannohex is the laminated structure of eight-harness satin woven fabrics, and shows an anisotropy. To apply widely this material for practical use, further investigation of in-plane and out-of-plane mechanical properties is needed. In this study, the compressive elastic moduli in in-plane and out-of-plane loading of the fiber-bonded ceramic material were first explored. Next, compressive damage mechanism of this material, such as shear failure and kinkband, was discussed.


Si-Ti-C-O fibers, Woven, Compression, Kinkbands, Shear failureText

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