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Electromagnetic Shielding Behavior of CFRP Hybrid Structures

Qing-Qing Ni, Kohta Kashiwagi, Hong Xia


The electromagnetic waves may make our life easier and more comfortable due to its use in the high-speed communication. Recently, polymer composites are extensively employed in EMI shielding for the respected adsorption property of EMI wave. Here, we investigated the EMI property of CFRP with a Cu-mesh in order to obtain a high EMI performance material. The SE and electrical characteristics of the developed composite materials were measured in a flanged coaxial shielding effectiveness test. The behavior of the electromagnetic wave shielding in CFRP /Cu-mesh composites was evaluated and discussed by the measured experimental results, and an optimum hybrid structure for high performance of EMI is designed.


Electromagnetic interfernece (EMI), Shielding effectiveness (SE), Laminates, Dielectric propertyText

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