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Mechanical Properties and Structure of Polyamide 6 / Polypropylene Blends and Its Composites

Akira Ishigami, Yuki Kodama and Hiroshi Ito


In this study, polyamide 6 (PA6) / polypropylene (PP) blends were fabricated by high shear process technology as novel polymer process. Moreover, PA6/PP/glass fiber (GF) composite and PA6/PP/carbon fiber (CF) composite were prepared using novel polymer blends, and it was molded by hot press. Internal structure and morphology of PA6/PP blends were observed by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The results of SEM and TEM observation were confirmed that PP domain in PA6 was micro- and nano-meter order were dispersed. In addition, nano-dispersion for the PP domain diameter was proceeded to a greater degree while stabilized by the addition of PP-g-MAH. Tensile and Izod impact tests revealed their mechanical properties of obtained polymer blends and its composites. Results showed the PA6/PP blends had higher breaking strain and impact resistance than that of neat PA6. However, PA6/PP blends were fabricated under a certain condition of excessive high-shear rotation. These blends showed considerably lower breaking strain and yield strength. PA6/PP/GF and PA6/PP/CF composites also showed higher bending modulus and bending strength than that of neat PA6.

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