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Evaluation of Fracture Properties of CFRTP・ CFRP and GFRTP・GFRP Using Woven Fabric by High-Speed Tensile Test

Nao Sugimoto, Goichi Ben and Norio Hirayama


In this study, static and dynamic tensile tests of woven fabric reinforced thermal and thermoset plastic composites (FRTP and FRP) were carried out and strain rates from 1×10^-3 to 1×10^2 were loaded in the two tensile directions of 0-degree and 45- degree with respect to the fabric directions with a servo hydraulic testing machine. The specimens of FRTP and FRP were composed of two different woven fabrics of carbon and glass fibers, and two different matrix resin of PA6 and epoxy. All of the specimens were fabricated with VaRTM process. The experimental results for the strength, strain and absorbed energy depended on the strain rates of the tensile test, except the 0-degree specimens of CFRTP and CFRP. The experimental energy absorptions in the 45-degree specimens of CFRTP and GFRTP demonstrated higher values than those of CFRP and GFRP in every strain rates.

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