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Weibull Modulus of Post-Cracking Properties of Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concretes

Duy-Liem Nguyen, Anh-Thang Le


The Weibull modulus “m” indicating brittleness of ultra-high-performance fiberreinforced concrete (UHPFRC) were statistically investigated according to the size effect on their uniaxial tensile behavior. The studied UHPFRC contained 1% macro twisted and 1% micro smooth steel fibers by volume. Tensile specimens were designed to have identical section shapes (constant ratio of width to thickness) as follows: 25×50×125, 25× 50×175, 25×50×250 and 50×100×250 mm3. The Weibull modulus values were obtained from size effect not only on post-cracking strength but also on strain capacity and toughness. The derived Weibull modulus values of UHPFRC were then discussed.


ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concretes, Weibull modulus, Weibull distribution, brittleness, size effect.

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