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Nonlinear Buckling and Postbuckling of an Eccentrically Stiffened E-FGM Circular Cylindrical Shells Resting on Elastic Foundations in Thermal Environment

Nguyen Dinh Duc, Tran Quoc Quan and Pham Dinh Nguyen


Based on the first order shear deformation shell theory, this investigation presents analytical formulations and solutions for the nonlinear buckling and postbuckling of imperfect eccentrically stiffened E-FGM thick circular cylindrical shells on elastic foundations in thermal environments. It is assumed that the shell is a mixture of metal and ceramic by exponential distribution law (E-FGM) and its properties depend on temperature. The shell is reinforced by the eccentrically stringers and rings stiffeners made of full metal. The Galerkin method is applied to determine load–deflection curves. The influences of inhomogeneous parameters, dimensional parameters, stiffeners, elastic foundations, initial imperfection and temperature dependent properties on the buckling and postbuckling of thick FGM circular cylindrical shells are discussed in detail.


Nonlinear buckling and postbuckling, eccentrically stiffened E-FGM circular cylindrical shells, temperature dependent properties, the first order shear deformation shell theory, elastic foundations.

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