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Worker's Skill Comparison and Analysis of Mechanical Property

Yasunari Kuratani, Kentaro Hase, Tomoe Kawazu, Aya Miki, Tadashi Uozumi, Akihiko Goto and Hiroyuki Hamada


It is difficult discovering the optimal conditions for molding, as VaRTM molding requires perform manufacturing process which makes the fiber base material fit into a three-dimensional shape by applying pressure and heat. It is said that the accuracy of the preform affects the mechanical properties of the molding product. In recent years, despite continued investigations into the automated manufacturing of preforms, it was still causing the accuracy of the preform to be dependent on the ability of the worker. In this research, we made three subjects with varying number of years’ experience create preforms and produce a VaRTM molding. The test results for comparing the mechanical properties of the molding product, on the one hand, they revealed a higher intensity in order of the most years of experience to least. On the other hand, results reversed to what was intend at all. Based on the fact that there were differences in the accuracy of the preforms, while optimizing the creation of systems which produce exactly the same accuracy, regardless of the worker manufacturing the preform, we will continue to conduct research that leads to the development of automated production technology.

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