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Composite Sandwich Structural Super Capacitor

Akira Todoroki


Structural capacitors have functions of load bearable structures and energy storable capacitors. Although a parallel plate type capacitor has advantage of high voltage resistance, the parallel plate capacitor has the drawback of low capacitance. An electric double layer capacitor of a composite structure using electrolyte polymer matrix has developed with glass fiber fabric separator. The electrolyte polymer, however, caused high internal resistance of the capacitor. In the present study, therefore, a new method to use sandwich form core that have high water retentivity is proposed and experimentally investigated. As activated carbon sheet is used as electrodes to make a supercapacitor. Woven carbon fabric is used as lead wires of the supercapacitor in the sandwich form core. The new method is expected to have low internal resistance and high capacitance. As a result, the new system realized 520 mF/cm2 and low surface resistance of 810 cm2.

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