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The Braided Composite Used as Sealing Parts

Takahisa Ueda


Braided fabric has excellent mechanical properties as its structure shows the ability of long fiber bundle. The braided fabric is normally classified into three kinds; flat braided, round braided and square-braided, which according to the shape and manufacturing technique. In the square-braided fabric, the fiber bundles are continuously braided each other throughout the thickness and longitudinal direction. Therefore, it is used in braided composite as sealing parts. It do not show ravel or come apart in service that is the disadvantage of the round braided fabric. This study currently has focused on the relation between structure of the braided packing and mechanical behavior of the packing. Cyclic compression test was performed on the square-braided fabric. The hysteresis loop in load and displacement were investigated. From the results, mechanism of deformation on the square-braided packing was clarified.

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